The W 2 form is an essential tax document for employees

ISPs are not the same. First, there are no (or at least very few) places where there are not multiple options thanks to satellite or even cellular Internet service. Second, ISPs these days are arguably a basic need, very close to a right. He was entered into the Naismith Memorial Hall of Fame in 1990, and he led his team to an NBA Championship in 1978. Elvin Hayes was drafted in 1968 as the first overall pick of the draft by the San Diego Rockets. Throughout his career he played for the Rockets and Bullets, in various locations.6Shaquille O’Neal, 27,409[7195]”Shaq” was by far the most dominant center within the past few decades.

Yeah, I was about to say that it could just be re labeled. I agree since the cart looks right and says the full Nintendo Game Boy instead of Game, but do you mean by the ESRB logo is wrong? And I not saying you wrong about the label because you absolutely right about the words only being on the box, but do you mean that the E is black instead of the white E with the dots around it? I only ask because two prints were made back then: one with the black E like the one above, and a second one with the white E. I have one of each..

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